Marriage Agreements Offer Benefits


Marriage agreements offer benefits to couples today, and are quite common in the United States. Uncertainty about a pending marriage and knowing about the high divorce rate are a few reasons for participating in marriage agreements. These agreements or contracts most often happen before the wedding occurs and are known as “Prenuptial Agreements” or “Antenuptial Agreements”. Very similar to prenuptial agreements are “Postnuptial Agreements” accept they happen after the marriage has taken place.

Some specific reasons for asking for, or even requiring a prenuptial agreement may include spousal support, and/or theMarriage-agreements-with-two-hands-and-document division of property should a divorce occur. Child support and child custody may be important reasons as well. Divorce that involves reasons of adultery or infidelity may have an impact on these types of agreements. Contacting an experienced attorney like Deborah Ham can be most advantageous when it comes to any agreement or contract. It is especially important when it involves marriage agreements.


Another Reason for Marriage Agreements

Protecting assets that were obtained prior to a marriage is often a consideration that involves one of these legal documents prior to a marriage. One party may own vast fortunes or enormous complicated family estates that involve many relatives. One party may own a business or businesses with large numbers of employees or partners or other stock holders. The reasons for wanting or needing a prenuptial agreement are so diverse that it would be impossible to name them all. 

Voluntary participation is required when marriage agreements are concerned. No forced signing or coercion is allowed. Signing under duress is prohibited. In the United States each State has laws governing such contracts or agreements. Both parties should have separate attorneys for their protection and accuracy of the document. Some marriage agreements have a “Sunset Clause” which makes the prenuptial agreement null and void after a certain date, period of time, or specific event.

As with all contracts, specific circumstances will involve you. Be sure that you are aware of all the details of any contract or agreement that you sign. It is always advantageous to let an attorney review and discuss the details if you have any questions or concerns. Contact Deborah Ham today for legal advice involving marriage, contracts, & agreements.